Access keys

The site can be navigated without a mouse using access keys. These are shortcut keys that will take you to commonly used pages, and help you navigate within a document.

To use these shortcut keys on a PC, hold down the Alt key (in Internet Explorer), or Alt + Shift (in Firefox), with an access key from the table below. On an Apple Macintosh, hold down the Ctrl key (in Firefox) or Ctrl + Option (in Safari), with an access key from the table below. You may have to press Enter to confirm your choice, depending on the browser used. In the Opera 7 browser press Shift+Esc, release, and then the access key.

Please note that certain access keys, particularly those for navigation within a document, may not work with some versions of some browsers.

Navigating around the website

Key Function
[ Skip to main content
a Search Advanced
b Browse
s About this site
t Access keys
g What's on the site and how it works
k Contact us
n News
m Site map
w Glossary
y Accessibility
p Privacy
d Disclaimer

Navigating within a document

Key Function
u previous section
i next section
, [comma] previous hit
. [full stop] next hit